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In March, 2011 ORSIS started manufacturing high precision bolt action hunting, sports and tactical rifles as well as manufacturing interchangeable and ballistic barrels with calibers ranging from 5.6 to 20 millimeters.

The rifles manufactured at the companies factory are called ORSIS (abbreviation formed from the first letters of two Russian words – “ORuzheinye SIStemy” or ”weapon systems”).

The ORSIS factory is located in Moscow and operates a high-tech machine tool pool, including over thirty different NC machine tool hubs. That ensures not only consistently superb production quality at every manufacturing phase but also flexibility and high factory output.


ORSIS factory facilities provide a full cycle of rifled weaponry production. We manufacture barrels, stocks, bolt and trigger assemblies. Every assembly goes through quality control and actual test firing of weapon. Barrels are made of highest quality and straight stainless steel rods. Bolt and trigger assemblies are made of special high strength stainless steel made in Russia. Stocks are made of different types of materials: wood laminate (special weapons-grade plywood), fine wood, aluminum, glass and carbon fiber. Only barrel steel and wood laminate are imported, while all other materials and metals used in weapons production are of domestic origin.


Meticulous quality control procedures guarantee flawless results: In terms of accuracy ORSIS rifles are vastly superior to most popular and well known firearms of the world. The science of ballistics actively uses the minute of angle (MOA) characteristic, which is similar to the minute of arc in mathematics. It measures accuracy of a rifle by measuring a group of 3-5 shots at a distance of 100 yards (or 91 meters) in ideal weather conditions. A rifle with MOA=1 will produce a 1 inch spread at the range of 100 yards. Weapons with МОА<1 are called high precision or sniper rifles. ORSIS Company guarantees that all ORSIS rifles will have at least 0.5 MOA accuracy and many models will demonstrate even more impressive performance than that.


At the Moscow plant, a 30,000 square foot facility, we currently employ about 150 people. The Company has all required licenses and permits to produce firearms and is certified according to ISO 9001 international quality standards. ORSIS Company employs highly qualified designers, engineers, workers and managers. It is actively involved in research and development in the fields of creating and manufacturing modern high precision weapon systems. The project of establishing a high tech weapons manufacturing facility was implemented with the support of the National Sharpshooter Association whose experts are involved in developing and testing of all the products.


High quality of weapons, innovations and high efficiency of company operations attracted the attention of worldwide known firearms manufactures. The Company signed contracts with Glock (Austria), ArmaLite (USA) and Marocchi (Italy) concerning assembly and joint production at the Moscow factory of pistols, AR-10 and M-15 semi-automatic rifles with ORSIS stainless steel barrels. High-tech production technology, highest quality materials, professionalism of all employees and a personalized approach to clients, make ORSIS rifles unique.


During the past two years, sharpshooters who used ORSIS rifles won several most prestigious international competitions. Sniper teams who used ORSIS rifles won two major international competitions - one in Czech Republic between police and military snipers from all over the world and 2 years in a row at a Police and Military Sniper World Cup.

In the fall of 2012, in England, an F-CLASS shooter who used an ORSIS (.308 Win) rifle took two second places at the F-CLASS European Championship. In August 2013, at the F-CLASS World Championship in the USA, same shooter using the same rifle set a national record at the distance of 915 meters: 199v12x (199 points; size “10”=1МОА, 12 hits in the 0.5 МОА zone).

ORSIS rifles earned a high reputation among Russian hunters and sportsmen. As a rule of thumb, anyone who uses ORSIS firearms will create a serious competition for anyone who comes up against them. Countless victories by people who used an ORSIS firearm prove that our rifles are not only living up to their expectations but delivering results that far exceed the competitions.

ORSIS brand showroom address:

Moscow, 19 Smirnovskaya Street.

Tel.: +7 495 647 8866