The Promtechnologies Group of companies invites all wholesale and retail sales firearms companies, as well as licensed sports organizations.

For dealers and weapons shops

Promtechnologies guarantees a flexible approach to all customers on terms of delivery, information and advertising assistance and technical support. In terms of technical specifications, the company’s products are not only competitive, but even surpass imported foreign counterparts in many ways.

The Promtechnologies Group of companies devotes attention to communications support of sales and strives to promote its rifles on consumer markets. Workshops and training sessions are held in the company’s show room in Moscow and at partner venues.

For the most exacting customers we offer a whole range of individual service options, which include designing original rifle models as a single piece or made in small batches, training in high-precision shooting, and loading ammunition directly into the customer’s rifle.

For consulting and information on how to stipulate dealer contracts for the delivery of rifles and accessories, call (495) 647-88-66 or send an email

Sporting organizations

The rifles fabricated at Promtechnologies factory include models which are specially designed for training and participation in target shooting competitions under the rules of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF). International Military Sports Council (CISM), World Benchrest Shooting Federation (WBSF), International Biathlon Union (IBU) and other sporting organizations. The finest sharpshooters in Russia have participated in designing ORSIS rifles, including experts of the National Federation for High-Precision Shooting.

Promtechnologies would be glad to collaborate with sporting organizations which are authorized to purchase sports firearms. Aside from purchasing available models in stock, sporting organizations can place orders to fit their in-house standards, and also make custom modifications based on sportsmen’s requests.