15 March

International presentation of ORSIS T-5000 tactical rifle

Russian ORSIS T-5000 tactical rifle was among the new additions to the “IWA & Outdoor Classics” international exhibition of hunting and sporting guns, accessories and outdoor equipment.

“IWA & Outdoor Classics” exhibition is a leading European weapons forum attended by professionals from the entire world. Manufacturers of firearms and parts, optic equipment, knives, ammo, accessories for competition shooting, hunting accessories, personal protection equipment, and outdoor gear have all assembled on the vast grounds of Nurnberg expo centre. According to official information provided by the organizers, over 1200 companies participated in the exhibition, which was attended by more than 36000 visitors.

The exhibition was a debut for the “Promtechnologies” group of companies on the international arena. The newest Russian ORSIS weapons brand enjoyed great interest from the participants and visitors of the exhibition. The “Promtechnologies” group of companies was among those participants, whose products stood out in terms of design and technologic know-how. The newest tactical T-5000 rifle was in the centre of attention. Participants and visitors alike acclaimed the exceptional build quality and modern ergonomic design. The rifle was found interesting by both law enforcement agencies and potential civilian clients. Buyers from Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Israel, South Africa, Central and Eastern Europe had all expressed their wish to purchase the gun.

ORSIS stainless steel barrel blanks were also presented to the public at the exhibition. The unique technology (single-pass cutting) of rifling that allows for an almost perfect geometry of the bore became the reason why these barrels were of particular interest to the attendees. The management of company gave high praise to the outcome of the exhibition. General director of the “Promtechnologies” group of companies A.Sorokin: “It was our first experience participating in an exhibition of such level, and a very important one at that. Our product enjoyed great interest. I would also like to note the friendly and positive attitude towards the Russian company from the western weapons community. Visitors noted the original design of our rifles and different modifications that they are available in, which all made our company stand out. This has truly become a pleasant discovery for us – the fact that we are different, and that our rifles stand out in terms of design and technical execution. The overall outcome of our participation in the exhibition is very positive. We made new contacts, demonstrated our ability on the European level. The practical result of our participation – a large amount of orders placed for our products, which we have already begun to fulfill”.