28 February

“PROMTECHNOLOGIA” Company will present ORSIS rifles at IWA-2014

During the exhibition IWA-2014 (7-10 March, 2014) you will be able to get acquainted with high precision hand operated bolt action rifles ORSIS at the “PROMTECHNOLOGIA” Company show-bench

At IWA-2014 ORSIS will demonstrate the following sporting and hunting rifles: T-5000, HUNTER, ALPINE, VARMINT M, F-CLASS, BENCHREST, BIATHLON. “PROMTECHNOLOGIA” Company will also demonstrate stocks, barrels and other rifle parts, as well as ammo and even photos of hunting trophies from Africa.

During the past two years riflemen who used ORSIS carbines at the most prestigious international competitions won several champion titles. Russian sniper teams won two major international competitions – Czech Republic Open Military and Police Sniper Competition and Military and Police Sniper World Cup in Hungary (for two years running). In the fall of 2012, in England, a Ukraine F-CLASS shooter team member Evgeny Shcherbakov who used an ORSIS (.308 Win) rifle was a twice after runner at the F-CLASS European Championship. And this August, at the F-CLASS World Championship in the USA Evgeny Shcherbakov using the same rifle set a national record at the distance of 915 meters: 199v12x (199 points; size “10”=1МОА, 12 hits in the 0.5 МОА zone).