27 August

Outstanding success of ORSIS T-5000 in Great Britain

British shooter achieved an excellent result at the prestigious sniper competitions in the UK using the ORSIS T-5000 rifle.

The prestigious sniper competition “McQueen” took place at Bisley, Surrey on the 19 of July. During the event, a British shooter Jan Berry acted brilliantly using ORSIS T-5000 rifle, provided by our partner in the UK "Brock and Norris".

The sniper has shown excellent results in three different disciplines (B, E and F-class - high-precision long-range shooting) and achieved a place in each final, scoring an impressive 50/10. Nothing like that had ever happened at the “McQueen” before – there was no competitor who could use a single rifle to enter three disciplines and act as well as Jan Berry. Besides, it would be important to mention that the shooter only took the ORSIS out of its box 24 hours before the competition. However, due to the high adaptability of ORSIS T-5000, he quickly got used to the ergonomics of the rifle and appreciated its possibilities. The result was his excellent performance at the tournament.

Thus, the ORSIS rifles once again proved their high quality, reliability and excellent accuracy, confirming their reputation as one of the finest examples of high-precision weapons in the world.