Address of the weapons factory of Promtechnologies: 14 Podyomnaya St, building 8, Moscow, Russia.

Address of the factory’s entry checkpoint: 19 Smirnovskaya St., Moscow, Russia.

Telephone +7 495 647-88-66

The first ORSIS sales outlet is in the area where the factory is located.

  • Opening time:
    Mon.-Fr.: 9:00-20:00
    Sat.-Sun.: 10:00-16:00 

How to reach the sales point by car from Ilyicha Square (shosse Entuziastov):

  • Drive along shosse Entuziastov towards the Third Ring Road.
  • Take the Third Ring Road exit and 50 meters before entering it turn right towards Starobryadcheskaya St.
  • Drive down Starobryadcheskaya St. until you come to a T-shaped intersection after about 1,100 meters then turn left onto Podyomnaya St.
  • At the crossroads turn right onto Smirnovskaya Street.
  • After 300 meters you will see the entry checkpoint (19 Smirnovskaya St.) and Promtechnologies factory.
  • Park your vehicle and say that you are going to the Promtechnologies shop.

You can also ask questions directly in the website section “Questions and answers”.

Information for media

Telephone for media representatives +7 495 644-62-37