ORSIS technology

Serial production of ORSIS technology has been launched on the basis of a R&D and manufacturing complex at the Moscow firearms factory of the Promtechnologies Group of companies. Leading Russian and foreign specialists in the production of firearms and experts from the National Federation of High-Precision Shooting took part in the formation of this facility. The Promtechnologies facility carries out the whole manufacturing cycle related to the production of rifles. The layout of the facility includes the barrel shop, the action and trigger mechanisms shop, the stock design shop, the thermal treatment shop, the electro-erosion workshop as well as the grinding and finishing workshop.

The facility is equipped with unique tools and equipment, which include state-of-the-arts machine tools powered by computer numerical control (CNC) for lathes, milling machines, laser and electro-erosion treatment, digitally controlled ovens, and a cryogenic chamber. Tools are made for special works on Russia’s only cutter-grinding machine with a video measuring system. After each technological operation monitoring is performed for any parts manufactured on the workshops and the product testing laboratory using digital and optic measuring instruments. The laboratory is equipped with a climate control system, which makes it possible to perform all measurements in stable temperature and humidity conditions.

Advanced high-precision firearms systems can be made only of premium grade materials. Experts in the product testing laboratory monitor and test each batch of incoming raw material to be used in the production process. Most of the feedstock comes from leading producers of Germany, Austria and the United States. Some heavy-duty stainless steel is purchased in Russia, and unique types of fiberglass made of hollow glass fibers and microspheres with a diameter of 2 microns to produce composite stocks.

The innovative technical solutions used in the process of manufacturing high-precision ORSIS firearms systems which are devised in the design bureau of Promtechnologies. The design team draws both on advanced solutions from the domestic design school and global experience in firearms production. The design process uses advanced software, computer modeling facilities and CNC programs.


The company has permanent collaboration with experts from leading Russian R&D institutes and higher education establishments who specialize in metal working, materials technology, design and testing of advanced firearms systems, including the Moscow MGU Bauman Institute, National Technological Research University, and the Central R&D Institute for Precision Machine Engineering, etc.

A number of technological processes, which are incorporated and implemented into the production process of ORSIS rifles, have no analogs not only in Russia, but also in the rest of the world. In terms of its instrumentation and the wide variety of technologies used, Promtechnologies easily ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of firearms.