How stocks are made


Stock design is extremely important to the ergonomic qualities of a rifle, since the speed and precision of shooting are dependent on this feature. ORSIS rifle stocks offer a combination of high strength, resistance to change in temperature and humidity, and are capable of withstanding stress when shooting from a rifle of any caliber.

Stock designs are devised on an Italian milling machine and a copy-milling machine made of various materials: precious types of wood, special wood laminate and composite materials (glass and carbon fibers).

For custom orders, combined type stocks are used with an inner frame made of a heavy-duty aluminum alloy and external plastic overlays. A 5-axis milling machine and an Italian 4-spindle copy milling machine are used for wood working.

Special solutions, including adjustable cheekpiece and butt plate mechanisms installed on many models, make it possible to adapt the rifle to individual shooting requirements.