Promtechnologies manufactures single-shot action and repeating hunting, sport and tactical rifles with a hand-operated and lateral slide action mechanism:

  • Hunting rifles are suitable for various types of hunting: classic, mountain, safari and varminting.
  • Sport rifles are designed for preparation and participation in competitions in Olympic forms of target shooting, biathlon, benchrest, sniping and F-class activities.
  • Tactical rifles are designed both for universal use and to perform tasks in special conditions.
ORSIS SE Benchrest

ORSIS rifles are fitted with chambered barrels using single-point cut rifling technology (surfaced with a cutting tool). 

Here are some more details about manufacturing technology and the know-how that goes into our rifles.

Our rifles are fitted with stocks made of wood laminate, precious types of wood and light synthetic materials (fiberglass and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic). Stocks are available in standard design with a grip and thumb hole.

All ORSIS rifles are also available with modifications for left-handed shooters.