ORSIS Hunter

ORSIS Hunter
From on request order
Caliber Twist Number of grooves
.223 Rem 12 (10; 9; 8) 4
.243 Win 10 (8) 4
30-06 Spr 11 (10;12) 4
.308 Win 11 (10; 12) 4
9,3X62 Mauser 14 4
.375 H&H 10 6

ORSIS Hunter rifle is designed for various kinds of hunting.


The rifle performs outstanding accuracy for this class of rifles and shipped with a proof shot test target with 3 shots within 0,5 MOA with factory match ammunition. ORSIS HUNTER is bolt action rifle with detachable box magazine, bolt with two front dual locking lugs for optimal and accurate locking. The barrel is rifled on a CNC single-point cut rifling machine, from special barrel grade stainless steel 416R. Barrel contour – Sporter; diameter of the muzzle 18 mm; barrel length 22 inches (558.8 mm).

The rifle is equipped with an ORSIS muzzle brake.

This gun comes with the choice of three models of the stock – made of walnut or laminate, without adjustments. The standard version has glass bedding.

Metal parts of the rifle coated with Cerakote coating.

The Hunter trigger mechanism has adjustments of firing weight from 1000 to 1500 g.

The rifle is equipped with iron sights, Picatinny rail optional. The package includes: rifle assembly, data sheet, warranty certificate, proof shot target.