Promtechnologies offers unique sales and installation services for ORSIS firearms in Russia and other manufacturers, and also barrel blanks. The company produces two types of high-precision barrels which differ mainly in terms of chambering technology:

  • ORSIS SE barrels are made using high-quality stainless and chromium-molybdenum alloy steel (4140 type) using single-point cut rifling technology (5.6 to 20 mm caliber). This method makes it possible to produce barrels with ideal inner surface geometry and exceptional shooting precision.
  • ORSIS barrels are manufactured with anti-corrosive barrel steel (416 type) using the button method (caliber from .22 to .338”). This method of production makes it possible to obtain products with superb quality. We use special electronic tools and certified ring gauges (benchmarks) to check barrel precision.

Maximum tolerance: bore diameter 0.0005 mm, groove depth 0.0005 mm, relative deviation of dimensions (for bores and grooves) +0.0001/-0.0000 per 1,000 mm, groove step deviation of 0.004 mm per 1,000 mm, surface roughness of 0.16 on Rz fields and Rz 0.8 on grooves.

Main barrel characteristics

External barrel features
  • Proposed barrel features: Sporter, Match or individual specifications.
  • Turn of rifling and number of grooves – as per customer requirements.
  • Barrels are made with a polished or matte finish.
  • Fluting (optional)
  • If the desired features differ from the above, the quote for the barrel will depend on the specific features requested by the customer.

Another barrel option is a scuff-resistant, terracotta or cera-cote coating, which is a special liquid ceramic sintered under benign temperature conditions. The terracotta coating has an unusual black, gray or green texture, is extremely resistant to corrosion and physical damage.

Promtechnologies not only manufactures maximum high-precision rifled barrels, blanks and ballistic barrels, but also provides gratuitous consulting services, and can assist customers in applying for permits when a new barrel is installed on firearms.

Ballistic barrels

Promtechnologies manufactures ballistic barrels using single-point cut rifling technology made from 416R stainless steel. For more details about options concerning the manufacture of ballistic barrels, please call +7 495 647-88-66 or send an email to