Rifles on order

Individual orders

Promtechnologies manufactures a wide array of products, but can also make customized models with a caliber of up to 20 mm in accordance with the customer’s request or personal technical specifications.

Our facilities and advanced technology make it possible to implement virtually any customer request pertaining to barrel specifications, design solutions, the action and trigger mechanism, stock materials and shapes, additional accessories and other rifle parameters.

The company’s own design bureau handles the issue of designing such firearms. Generally speaking, the timeframe for completing an individual order takes no more than 3 months from the beginning of the design process to the date when the sale is made plus the time of delivery.

A unique firearm can be tailor-made to a customer’s wishes as a single piece or as a small-series batch.

Custom design

We can manufacture a special customized rifle to fit the customer’s individual preferences. Exquisite manual craftsmanship may be performed by some of Russia’s top firearms engravers. It takes anywhere from 8 to 15 months to complete such an order, and the finished product is not only an engineering, but also an artistic masterpiece.

Any questions about placing customized orders should be addressed to the ORSIS sales department by sending an email to vip@orsis.com or calling a customer service representative at +7 495 647-88-66.