High-precision metal working

The commercial manufacture of high-precision rifles entails exceptionally high standards for the production base. Promtechnologies’s production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which can be used for high-precision metal working and solve virtually every related task.

The company’s stock of machine tools includes lathes and milling machines with CNC systems, grinding tools, as well as equipment allowing cryogenic and thermal metal treatment. A number of techniques used at the enterprise have no analogs in Russia and make it possible to manufacture parts and systems which, in terms of their quality for a whole range of indicators, cannot be matched by many well-known manufacturers on the market today.

The experts of Promtechnologies are capable of performing the entire production cycle, which ranges from working out technical documentation to launching commercial prototypes of products. The use of CNC machine tools makes it possible to produce not only a broad range of objects, but also rapidly retrofit machinery from one product to another, thus manufacturing goods as single units, small batches or small series in compliance with customer demands.

Having an in-house production base, unique technologies and equipment, as well as permanent quality control enables the company to maintain its reputation as a reliable partner.

Promtechnologies can also manufacture products on the basis of the customer’s technical documentation, and, if necessary, work out all the necessary design documentation made to the customer’s specifications. The enterprise has a Design Bureau which includes a team of highly-qualified design engineers.

The enterprise is equipped with an advanced climate-controlled benchmarking and measurement laboratory which makes it possible to perform all measurements in stable temperature and humidity conditions. The company has all requires permissions and is certified under international ISO 9001 quality standards.

For consultation on technical issues and to place orders for high-precision metal working, call (495) 647-88-66 or send an email to metalwork@orsis.com.

Deep drilling

Promtechnologies can perform high-precision deep drilling of a customer’s rough stock with holes bored to a depth of up to 1,050 mm and a diameter of up to 30 mm. Operations are carried out on special machine tools made in Germany. Deep drilling is used in manufacturing small arms, medicine, aviation hardware, in the oil and gas industry and in other cases.